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No Perfect Engagement

There is no perfect engagement…helping those in need never “looks” how we think it should, it never “feels” like we think it should, it never “works out” like we think it should. Helping those in need is not about those that help, success isn’t defined by “us” as much as we try to make it, […]

The One I Messed Up

From the desk of Luke Kujacznski, Urban Alliance’s Executive Director About three months after I started volunteering at Urban Alliance, the Executive Director at the time asked if I

Transforming Urban Communities

Urban Alliance is more than jobs, outreach and housing. Our desire is to empower others to bring transformation to their lives. Please take a moment to watch this video of three individuals who have been positively impacted through the initiatives of Urban Alliance.

Thank You!

Thank you to all who have supported the efforts of Urban Alliance. Your support is positively impacting the lives of hundreds of individuals within our city. Transformation is taking place, and lives are being renewed. Thank you!