Communicating the value that resides in every individual

At Urban Alliance, we believe that every single individual is valuable.

However, we can’t stop at believing; We must take action. Taking action requires Urban Alliance staff and volunteers to communicate the value that resides in each individual we encounter. It requires vulnerability.

Every week our Urban Outreach team is in the streets ensuring that individuals who have forgotten their value, lost hope, and have hit rock bottom know that they are valuable. Through engaging individuals in conversation and listening to their story we are able to assess needs and ensure that individuals are being given another chance.

Meet our friend Quinten

QuentinQuinten approached us tired and weary. He was sick of his current situation which included hopelessness, homelessness, and unemployment. However, during our conversation his mindset clearly changed. Through engaging in meaningful conversation, developing a relationship, and communicating value, Quinten regained hope. He realized that he did have potential and that he was fully capable of obtaining success.

Transformation truly resides in meaningful relationships, conversation, and communicating the value that resides in each and every individual. Quinten is a clear example that one positive conversation can change the trajectory of someone’s life.