Help change someone’s life forever.

Every day in Kalamazoo, hope is being restored and lives our being renewed, and it would not be possible without people like you. Recently we asked a graduate, “What impact has Urban Alliance had on your life?” Her response was, “It’s impacted every facet of my life. I believe in myself now. I have regained confidence. I can relate better with my children, and I have a support system. I am healed, rebuilt and renewed.”

While there have been many big successes and countless ‘small victories’, the work is far from complete. At Urban Alliance, we are committed to “Shifting the Narrative”, that is, addressing the systems that have caused individuals to be overlooked and under-served. We envision a Kalamazoo where all individuals, no matter how colorful their background, are accepted and loved because they are a valuable individuals worthy of contributing to the long term success of our community. Shifting the narrative takes time, effort and support. Would you consider donating or allying with us to “Shift the Narrative” and create a Kalamazoo that engages, embraces, and empowers all individuals?

What your gift can do:
  • $1,500 funds one month of outreach in all three core neighborhoods of Kalamazoo
  • $3,000 provides a three day training in forklift or CNC for up to six people from marginalized communities
  • $5,000 allows one individual to attend our six-week Momentum Workforce Development Program

Thank you for changing my life. My life would not be where it is today. I came broken and left more sure of myself than I ever have before. I have a whole new family.

SamanthaMomentum Graduate
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