Momentum Business Network Employer Spotlight: Sigma Machine

Here’s what Sigma had to say about working with Urban Alliance,

Sigma Machine is a family owned and locally operated manufacturer that specializes in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. We’ve been in business in Kalamazoo since 1955.

Sigma has partnered with Momentum since the very first graduating class. For us it just makes sense. We get to talk to potential employees who have gone through the program and have shown that they can overcome challenges in their lives. I know that Momentum grads have the “soft skills” that will help them be successful — things like good attendance, motivation and responsibility.  Those are things that I can’t train; people either value those things, or they don’t. To be honest, the folks that come through Momentum are usually my best employees. They know how hard they worked to get the job, and they are willing to work just as hard to keep it.

Now that Momentum is offering the academies, the people who come through have those “extra” skills that put them a step above my other new hires. They know what working in a manufacturing plant is going to be like. They WANT this kind of work and they are excited to be given a chance to be successful. Momentum is good for our company (finding new employees), it is good for our employees (helps them stay on the path to success) and it is good for the community.’ – Julie Allen, Sigma Human Resources.