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The Momentum Urban Employment Initiative is a six-week, community- based economic development program that connects unemployed and underemployed individuals of the community to sustainable employment opportunities through pre-employment training, life skills training, coaching and networking with its business partners. The program emphasizes five major components: Pre- Employment Education, Volunteer Work Experience, Mentoring, Job Placement and Job Evaluation with Incentives.

During these six weeks, the program utilizes principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and is developed, organized, and facilitated to address the following eight dimensions of wellness, regarded as being essential to a person’s capacity for self-efficacy: Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Environmental, Financial, and Vocational. The employment aspect of this program have been designed around the Azrin Employment Readiness Model including: résumé writing, cover letter construction, budgeting funds, job search and interview techniques, online job searching, image development, etc. Every student completes 100 hours of in-class instruction as well as 100 hours of Volunteer Work Experience outside of the classroom with other nonprofit organizations within the community. In addition, Momentum addresses the root causes of early job loss by building capacity and resiliency within the students through essential and life skills classes.

“I have the best job I’ve ever had in my life. It’s just amazing. I feel like I finally broke the Sutton curse. I got out of that drug addiction and I found a new way to live.”

JohnTechnical Center Graduate

I feel like I’ve overcome the world. Urban Alliance offers a second, third, fourth & fifth chance.

ChristinaMomentum Graduate

Urban Alliance is the family I have never had, I wish I could do Momentum all over again!

DannyMomentum Graduate

Thank you for changing my life. My life would not be where it is today. I came broken and left more sure of myself than I ever have before. I have a whole new family.

SamanthaMomentum Graduate

The staff helped me to believe in myself everyday, I feel like a different person inside and out.

AngelaMomentum Graduate

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