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Esteven ‘Esto’ Juarez

Associate Director of Outreach

Esto’s journey to Urban Alliance is unique, as he is a product of 15 years pursuit by our Outreach team. During his teenage years, Esto founded and led a gang in the Edison Neighborhood. During this time, he made many decisions that nearly landed him in prison. Esto shares, “My life was a mess. My options were life in prison or eventual death due to my choices. However, the Lord had a plan for my life and led me down a different path filled with light, life, and joy.”

Esto is now the Associate Director of Outreach at UA, as well as a pastor at Vanguard Church. He believes that through this position he is able to demonstrate the same love, care, and compassion he received, with the hopes that those he interacts with will also find new life and transformation.

When he is not working, you can find Esto in fellowship with his family and friends, usually at the beach or in his back yard grilling out.