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Join us for Urban Alliance LIFE Camps!

Help provide area youth with tools and resources to step outside the cycles of gun violence within Kalamazoo.
Camps held 7/11 & 8/16.
Learn more about LIFE Camps!

Janelle Williams

Director of Programming

Janelle joined Urban Alliance team in June 2017 as a Momentum Classroom Coordinator. Janelle is a certified life coach and sports coach and plans to use these acquired skills to help people become their best selves. She believes everyone has the ability to overcome their life circumstances and achieve their dreams and goals. Janelle says, ‘working at Urban Alliance gives me the freedom to put my passions to work and see people develop and grow into the men and women they desire to be.”

Janelle is a wife, mom, and aunt. She loves spending time with her family, being active, and seeing the latest movie whenever she can get a night out with her husband.