Urban Alliance’s stories of transformation

Greetings everyone!

I want to welcome you to Urban Alliance’s Stories of Transformation page. My desire is that this page will give you a glimpse of the powerful work happening here at Urban Alliance through our many programs and ministries. Each week I get to hear one amazing story after another of individuals whose lives are forever changed because of the work God is doing through Urban Alliance in the community, and it is only fair that I start sharing these wonderful stories with you.

This page will highlight the work done through Vanguard Street Ministry, His Kingdom Housing, Momentum Employment Solutions, and Jesus Loves Kalamazoo; you will hear not only from me, but you will also hear from program directors, street ministers, and even first hand accounts from those we serve. I hope you are ready to be inspired through these Stories of Transformation, because I am reminded each time I hear one why I do this work, I am reminded what life is about, I am reminded of my faith, I am reminded of the grace that is poured out each day for all of us.

It is time to invest in those around us, to stand strong as a community, and to fight hard for the blessings promised to each of us!

Luke Kujacznski
Interim Director of Urban Alliance

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