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Join us for Life Camp & Life Camp’s Community Celebration and Advocacy Contest

Help provide area youth with tools and resources to step outside the cycles of gun violence within Kalamazoo.
Join us June 14 and 15!
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Communicating through our actions that


Urban Alliance envisions the transformation of urban communities one relationship at a time. We want Kalamazoo and beyond to be a place where every individual has the opportunity to live a safe, healthy, productive, and fulfilling life.

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Urban Alliance exists because we believe in people.
ALL people.


We believe that all people have intrinsic value. Urban Alliance is dedicated to serving a vital role in creating opportunities for marginalized individuals. We form relationships with people in order to help them embrace their talents and potential, learn skills, and gain confidence.

We are better together.




Outreach is the core of Urban Alliance. It is our concentrated movement to align communities, create inclusivity, and give a voice to the voiceless. We believe our city thrives when each person knows that they matter.

Street Outreach | Group Violence | Unhoused Friends
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Urban Alliance serves our community through varied workforce-development Programming resources. Our programs, Momentum and Technical Training are designed to connect unemployed and underemployed individuals with sustainable employment opportunities.

Momentum | Technical Training
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Urban Alliance Supports provide a bridge between our Outreach and Programming work offering life-changing resources to individuals and groups. While our friends often lack access to these critical tools, we strive to connect people to support at their place of need regardless of their circumstances.

Recovery Supports | Clinical Supports | Resource Navigation
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Communicating through our actions that


Meet the dedicated staff that makes it all happen.

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