Mission: Communicating through our actions that we value every individual.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

In compliance with the mandates of the public health order, our building is temporarily closed to the public. Our staff remains working, and is available to meet virtually. If you need assistance or help scheduling a virtual appointment, please call 269.348.0978. We hope to be back in the building soon. Check back for updates, and stay safe!


Urban Alliance exist because we believe in people. We believe all people have intrinsic value. Urban Alliance offers a refuge to the hopeless, serving as a catalyst of change through relationships, education, hands on training, empowerment, and most importantly, love. This drives our desire to see communities that have often been neglected and underserved be embraced, engaged and empowered.


At Urban Alliance, we envision Kalamazoo as a place where all individuals are accepted, loved, valued and seen. We are truly building an Alliance that believes in the work that is taking place through our programing and embodies our vision for the Kalamazoo community. We are better, together.

The work we do at Urban Alliance is impossible without our alliance.

Our friends in the community who support us and encourage us.

Our donors and funders who financially support the work that we do on a daily basis.

Our partnering agencies that allow us to elevate our programs.

Our clients, who believe and trust in us.


We believe that proximity is key in keeping us grounded, allowing us to embrace, engage, and empower our friends with excellence. Every initiative at Urban Alliance addresses a need that has been directly communicated to us from the neighborhood.


Grads employed

Urban Alliance OUTREACH
250,000 +

Individual interactions in the community

Technical Center

Individuals received technical training

We are an Alliance

Urban Alliance is more than jobs, outreach and housing. Our desire is to empower others to bring transformation to their lives. When potential is directed towards good, you start to see amazing things happen. Through alliance our community is stronger and will grow even stronger still.

Life with Momentum

Transformation, support and a new way to live.

The First Thing I Ever Graduated

This is Shawna and her story of transformation.

The Greatness In Myself

A story of guns, drugs, violence and transformation.

More Secure Than Ever Before

“I’m a criminal…” “No, you were a criminal.”

This is me now

A child born into the drug world, a transformation into a new woman.

Thank You

A message from those who have been touched by Urban Alliance.

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