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The primary focus of the Urban Alliance programming efforts is workforce development, specifically designed for individuals with significant barriers to competitive employment. While most of our students have been successfully hired, maintaining employment and working toward promotion opportunities are historically where our friends struggle.

We believe that stable and sustainable employment is critical to both individual and community transformation.




Helping men to learn skills, make changes, and become equipped for the next stage of their life.

Urban Alliance’s Change of Status (CoS) program is a 12-week gathering of men looking to make serious change in their lives who have a previous history of incarceration and/or may be experiencing violent behavior tendencies or minimal substance abuse. This gathering is a safe place for men to speak and not be judged, develop a brotherhood with likeminded men, and be equipped for the next step on their journey to the continuation of changing status through various life skills.

Registration is available here.




Students are connected to sustainable employment opportunities through life skill and career readiness training in this program.

The Momentum Urban Employment Initiative is a six-week, community-based economic development program for unemployed and underemployed individuals within the community. We connect these individuals to sustainable employment opportunities through pre-employment training, life skills training, coaching, and networking with Urban Alliance’s business network.

The program emphasizes pre-employment education, volunteer work experience, mentoring, job placement, and job evaluation with incentives. In addition, Momentum addresses the root causes of early job loss by building capacity and resiliency within the students through essential and life-skills classes.


Communicating through our actions that


Meet the dedicated Urban Alliance staff that makes it all happen.

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