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Join us for Urban Alliance Life Camp!

Help provide area youth with tools and resources to step outside the cycles of gun violence within Kalamazoo.
Join us June 14 & 15!
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The Urban Alliance Supports team provides many services to both individuals and groups within our community. Our staff also provides a powerful bridge between our Outreach and Programming work.

While the Supports staff has always served a vital role within our Momentum programming, based on the dire need within the community, Urban Alliance Support services now also include recovery efforts, access to clinical services, and resource navigation. This allows Outreach staff to connect our friends with appropriate Support staff and resources.




Recovery resources for our community aid individual and shared success.

Urban Alliance is designated as a registered Narcotics Anonymous (NA) site in Kalamazoo’s Edison neighborhood. In addition to serving as a community resource, open processing groups are available free of charge and facilitated multiple days per week both by Urban Alliance staff and in partnership with additional trained staff from community partners.

Check out the Events calendar for details or please contact Urban Alliance.




Urban Alliance brings free clinical services to individuals who typically lack access.

We are pleased to partner with several licensed clinical practitioners to provide group and individual support to our community free of charge.

These critical services are rarely available in marginalized neighborhoods and are typically cost-prohibitive. Many within our urban communities are often wary of such services, so we work diligently to normalize these types of benefits and to ensure they are available to anyone that needs them.

To help makes this valued resource available, Urban Alliance partners with Kalamazoo Empowerment Services and The Synergy Health Center.

For information or questions, please contact us.




A helping hand guides participants to appropriate resources.

Urban Alliance is grateful to have the trust of so many individuals in our community. We work to grow and honor that trust each day.

Our friends often come to us with needs that we are not equipped to address so we make it our business to know the groups that can. Many organizations do navigation, but the way Urban Alliance does navigation sets us apart.

We walk through the necessary processes together. We cannot and will not do the hard work for our friends, but we will not ask them to do the work alone.

To request an appointment, please contact us.



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We are better, together.

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