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At Urban Alliance, our mission is to transform urban communities, one relationship at a time.

We envision that our community will be a place where every individual lives a safe, healthy, and productive life.

And we value collaboration, transparency, relationships, transformation, strategic action, and hope.

In 1999 Urban Alliance began our journey to communicate through our actions that we value every individual. We began to see significant barriers between a city rich in resources and the marginalized individuals so desperately in need of those resources. These friends were struggling to hold out the belief that change was possible. They were becoming faceless, voiceless, and increasingly hopeless.



Everyone has value.

Beginning as a small group of volunteers, we ventured out into the community, showing consistency, asking and listening, building trust, and growing relationships with friends that the world seemed all too willing to ignore. What we heard then and to this day, has formed the basis of how we work toward transformation in and around Kalamazoo and beyond.



It’s about how much you care.

After years of building a foundation of trust, Urban Alliance achieved its nonprofit status in 2006.  We continued to engage at an even deeper level, listening to the needs, wants, and desires of our friends in the neighborhoods. This was and still is intentional. We believe the most effective programming happens when the voices of those we aim to serve help guide and direct these efforts. We understand that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. This mindset dictates the way our Outreach, Programming, and Supports work operates.

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No act of love is wasted. Help transform Kalamazoo!

We are better together.

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