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Urban Alliance is a concentrated effort to align communities, create inclusivity, and give a voice to the voiceless.

Beginning in 1999 with a small group of volunteers dedicated to learning more about local marginalized community members and the barriers they commonly faced, Urban Alliance has grown into a nonprofit organization that continuously works to expand its relationships and capabilities. We serve the community by focusing our efforts on Urban Alliance’s Outreach, Programming, and Supports teams.


Outreach is the core of Urban Alliance. It is our concentrated movement to align communities, create inclusivity, and give a voice to the voiceless as we believe that everyone has a role to play and that we are better together as a society. Through the cultivation of relationships, we work to transform society and the systems that have oppressed or disregarded marginalized community members. We strive to help our community better understand barriers, grow as individuals, and adjust systems in order to value, embrace, and welcome all.



Urban Alliance focuses on serving our community through varied workforce development Programming resources including Momentum and Technical Training designed to connect unemployed and underemployed individuals with sustainable employment opportunities through employment readiness and career training. Relying on many local partnerships, our workforce development programs have connected hundreds of individuals with life-changing employment and empowered these workers to create a positive life path.



The Urban Alliance Supports effort provides many services to both individuals and groups within our community in addition to providing a powerful bridge between our Outreach and Programming work. Responding to a dire need in our community, the Supports team provides Recovery Supports, Clinical Supports, and Resource Navigation. Through this effort, Urban Alliance is able to help our friends within the community to navigate life-changing events and share resources they may not otherwise have access to.



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