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Momentum Business Network

Urban Alliance has established the Momentum Business Network (MBN), whose members guarantee interviews for each graduate upon completion of the program and whose policies allow for the hiring of Momentum graduates. Currently, the MBN consists of 55 business partner organizations. Through ongoing conversations with these business partners, we are constantly receiving feedback on the performance of the graduates placed. We use the feedback provided to monitor the content and effectiveness of the program. The Momentum program also utilizes community members, business partners, economic and community development organizations, past graduates, and KVCC and WMU staff to advise Momentum staff on all matters of the program. This ensures the program continually meets the needs of those we serve. We are shortening the feedback loop to respond to changes in the business community.

“Momentum is good for our company (finding new employees), it is good for our employees (helps them stay on the path to success) and it is good for the community.”

JulieSigma, Human Resources

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