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St. Luke’s Distributes Free Diapers to Kalamazoo Families

July 19, 2022

We’ve already seen and continue to see parents in Michigan and all over, struggling right now as some are dealing with the effects of Covid, inflation, staff shortages, baby formula shortages, and other struggles that parents face every day. As everyone continues to try and navigate these struggles the best way possible and many organizations have stepped up to help. There are free groceries all over the city, including every Tuesday at Valley Family Church, and now another way to help parents has emerged.

One of the most used and most expensive items parents need for their children are diapers and pullups. As parents can go through upwards of 5 or even 10 diapers a day, you could run through a case fairly quickly and they are not cheap. Kalamazoo area parents with low incomes are often looking for ways to make their items stretch and searching for help, now they can have help up to 6 times a month with diapers.

Read the article on WKFR.

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