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Join us for Urban Alliance Life Camp!

Help provide area youth with tools and resources to step outside the cycles of gun violence within Kalamazoo.
Join us June 14 & 15!
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James Harris

Outreach Manager

James Harris served in full-time Youth Ministry for 23 years until God released him to plant Trenches Community Church, Kalamazoo Mich., in 2011 to present. He currently serves as Senior Pastor and on various leadership teams within the city of Kalamazoo. His impact ranges from being a part of breaking down ethnic barriers to serving those who are considered marginalized.

When people speak of James their normal adjectives are real, a genuine love for God and all people, community leader, integrity, family man, and his practical, yet passionate, transparent teaching and lifestyle. James’ heart is to give others a platform to express their gifting and equip people to change the world on their platform.

He loves spending time with his wife and family. His self-care is being home by himself, vacationing, hiking, and grooming his lawn.

James has been married to Machelle for nearly 40 years and out of this covenant union they have three children, Dominique Hunt, Megan (Antwain) Allen, James Jr., and seven grandchildren in Imani, Bryant Jr., Caleb, Marcus, Harper, James III, and Zoe Zoe.