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Join us for Life Camp & Life Camp’s Community Celebration and Advocacy Contest

Help provide area youth with tools and resources to step outside the cycles of gun violence within Kalamazoo.
Join us June 14 and 15!
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Scott Goodwin

Program Director

Scott returned to Urban Alliance in 2023 to serve as the Program Director.

A self-proclaimed ‘non-profit lifer’, Scott began his career in education and workforce development in Denver, Co., in 1999. In 2006, he and his wife moved to Michigan to raise their kids in the Midwest, and to be closer to family.

Since that time, Scott has worked primarily in the Edison neighborhood of Kalamazoo. Although his jobs have changed, his focus on building relationships and connectedness remains constant. He is always working to see ‘the bigger picture’ and to help others find their role.

Like all UA staff, Scott is driven by the belief that all people are capable of transformation and that only happens when we learn to work better, together.

Scott is blessed with an amazing wife and three wonderful children. When not spending time with family, he spends his time learning about native plants, watching college football, grilling dinner, or relaxing with a good book.