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Join us for Urban Alliance LIFE Camps!

Help provide area youth with tools and resources to step outside the cycles of gun violence within Kalamazoo.
Camps held 7/11 & 8/16.
Learn more about LIFE Camps!

Scott Goodwin

Director of Communications

Scott came to Urban Alliance in June 2018 as Volunteer Coordinator and Engagement Manager, having spent the better part of two decades working with non-profits and in education with students of all age groups. He is passionate about intentional community and building life affirming relationships, believing that ‘life is designed to be lived, together, in the service of others.’ Like all Urban Alliance staff, Scott strives to help individuals see that all people have value and, seeks to change systems that operate as though some people are more valuable than others.

Scott is happily married and father to three active children. When not running back and forth between soccer games, track meets, dance recitals, and band concerts, he is likely to be found grilling dinner in his backyard, taking a stroll by the river, or hanging out at his favorite place, the local library.