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Urban Alliance Begins an Exciting New Chapter

May 20, 2021

Dear friends,

As with the rest of the world, Urban Alliance has undergone tremendous change over the last year. From how we operate day-to-day, to the types of supports we offer, our what, where, when and how have been in constant stages of refinement. We have also experienced many changes to our who at Urban Alliance.

As we begin the next stage of our evolution we say farewell to Luke Kujacznski, who has faithfully served UA as the Executive Director the last six years. We are bittersweet to lose such an impactful leader as Luke, but we applaud him as he begins the next chapter in his journey and we thank him for leaving UA a stronger place than he found it. UA forges ahead with an exciting future, and a team of leaders dedicated to continuing to demonstrate through our actions that we value every individual. In the meantime, we are ecstatic to have our very own Chris Pompey, serving in the role of Interim Executive Director. Both the Board and leadership team at UA realize how crucial it is to maintain continuity during this transition and Chris has the complete support of all of us to lead us forward. Chris is a tremendous leader and we have every confidence that he is the right person to lead UA in this season.

What remains constant is our why. Now, as always, UA is committed to helping transform urban communities, one relationship at a time. We believe in our bones that the kind of Kalamazoo we work to create only exists when all people feel loved, seen, valued and empowered. Now more than ever, we are grateful to have the support of you and all members of our extended UA family. You should expect to hear from Chris and other UA team members over the coming weeks and months to update you on how our work continues to help transform the community. Should you have time to welcome Chris personally, please do so at

Thank you for continuing to shine the light of hope to Kalamazoo and beyond.

Sincerely yours,

Terra Bautista
Urban Alliance Board President

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